Edward Bent Walker

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E Bent Walker & child

12 Paintings donated to Rugby Borough Council
by Rupert Bent Walker
(believed destroyed - not wanted and left in asbestos riddled attic of old Library now demolished

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Royay Academy Of Music
Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT

Incorporated Society of Musicians
10 Stratford Place London W1N 9AE

Ebenezer Prout

Ebenezer Prout (1835–1909) is depicted when elderly, with a long, silver, whispy beard and grey hair, half-length, turned to the right, wearing academic robes.

The portrait was painted on the commission of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and it has hung in the Royal Academy of Music, on loan from the ISM, since May 1958.

Professor Ebenezer PROUT
(March 1 1835 December 1 1909)

(Oil Painting 1904)



Article on E B Walker: Wigan Examiner December 16th 1913

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