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Reproduced from the 'Wigan Examiner', December 16th 1913

A famous Wigan artist Mr. Edward Bent Walker, the well-known painter, is a WIGAN man.  For he was born near MAB'S CROSS in 1860 and his early years as an artist were spent in Lancashire.  First at Liverpool, where he studied under SIGNOR DASTIS, The Spanish painter and afterwards at Manchester, where he was one of the brightest students of the School of Art and a favourite pupil of the late J.H.E. PARTINGTON. A locally famous portrait painter, Mr. Walker afterwards went to SIR HUBERT VON HERKOMER, RA's famous school at BUSHEY, near London & here he had a distinguished career as a student & later as chief coach.  In the latter capacity his success was so marked that SIR B.W. LEADER RA, the popular painter, put his son under Mr. Walkers' tuition & both the sons of MR. R CATO-WOODVILLE, the well-known black and white artist, also studied under him.  Leaving BUSHEY, Mr. Walker went to London. Where he has done work that has won him the admiration of discerning artists.  He exhibited at the ROYAL ACADEMY nearly thirty years ago.  He has been awarded the GOLD MEDAL OF THE CHILIAN GOVERNMENT, which specially asked him to exhibit at the CHILIAN EXHIBITION a few years ago.  Perhaps his best known portrait is that of the late PROFESSOR EBENEZER PROUT, which was painted on the commission of THE INCORPORATED SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS in whose rooms in London it now hangs.(OIL 1904) Professor Prout left the portrait to THE NATIONAL GALLERY & it will ultimately be hung there.  Among other well-known canvasses of Mr. walkers are the LATE ALDERMAN MCDOUGAL, which is in the MANCHESTER CITY ART GALLERY, THE MAYOR OF FAVERSHAM, THE MAYOR OF CREWE.  Mr. Walker's strong points are his fine vigour, his magnificent colouring and his acute sense of drawing. Two years ago he had a long stay in VENICE & his originality & impressionist pictures were the admiration of the best critics during exhibition in London. To instance his versatility as a painter and craftsman of the highest schools of art, there are TWO LARGE TAPESTRY SCREENS which hang in the TOWN HALLS OF GLASGOW AND EDINGBURGH, which were designed by him.They represent the lives of the Patron Saints of each city, viz: - SAINT KENTIGERN & SAINT COLUMBA. He has periodical visits to LIVERPOOL & MANCHESTER & is at the later city this week with a fine exhibition of his PICTURES OF THE RIBBLE VALLEY.

 EXHIBITED 1896 TO 1916


LONDON 1901 + M1  P1  RA3  RO1.1

M. Manchester City Art Gallery

Royal Society of Portrait Painters

RA. Royal Academy

RO1. Royal Institute of Oil Painters


Also known paintings are: ON PLEASURE BENT & THE DEAD BIRD


The Clarion Newspaper Obituary

The Late Edward Bent Walker
The Clarion Newspaper March 30, 1917

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12 Paintings donated to Rugby Borough Council
by Rupert Bent Walker
(Believed destroyed - Left to Rugby Borough Council on the death of Rupert Bent Walker, son of Edward Bent Walker. They were not wanted by Rugby Borough Council and stored in an asbestos riddled attic of the old Library. We requested they be returned to the family in 1988 when we realised RBC were not interested in them. We found out later that they had disposed of the entire contents of the attic on discovering the asbestos!

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Royay Academy Of Music
Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT

Incorporated Society of Musicians
10 Stratford Place London W1N 9AE

Ebenezer Prout

Ebenezer Prout (1835–1909) is depicted when elderly, with a long, silver, whispy beard and grey hair, half-length, turned to the right, wearing academic robes.

The portrait was painted on the commission of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and it has hung in the Royal Academy of Music, on loan from the ISM, since May 1958.

Professor Ebenezer PROUT
(March 1 1835 December 1 1909)

(Oil Painting 1904)


Alderman John Andrew Anderson

Alderman John Andrew Anderson, JP
 Mayor of Faversham

Once again, the research of Art Detective’s Paul Kettlewell has resulted in a confident correction to painting data. Paul Kettlewell is a frequent user of newspaper archives, which often report on commissions of portraits of town dignitaries.

An article in the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald dated 28th October 1899 noted that Faversham Town Council, Mayor's Parlour and Guildhall’s portrait of Alderman John Andrew Anderson, JP was by a 'Mr Walker', who agreed 'that it would not be injurious' if the work was glazed. The article also noted that the painting was presented in '1899, to the Corporation, for the Council Chamber, by 151 inhabitants of Faversham and neighbourhood'.

The collection's records indicated the date of this work to be c.1899, but the article shows that the work was definitely made by '1899 or before', allowing for the Your Paintings record to be updated accordingly. Paul also noted initially that 'a faint inscription on the lower right corner appears to say "... Walker" and "189...", but is mainly unclear.'

A discussion soon was underway relating to the identity of Mr Walker, the portrait’s artist. Tim Williams mentioned John Hanson Walker (1844–1933) as a possibility, followed by Oliver Perry, who linked to an article which mentioned Edward Bent Walker painted a mayor of Faversham.

Osmund Bullock took a closer look at the signature, which appeared to read 'E Bent Walker', with '1899' below. Osmond noted that he thought John Hanson Walker was a strong possibility until seeing the article found by Oliver, however it was difficult to compare the signatures of E. Bent Walker works, which vary across paintings. He noted to support the attribution that E. Bent Walker (1860–1917) was working in the south of England at the time of the Mayor’s portrait.

A short discussion was held regarding E. Bent Walker’s forename, as Osmund noted the RA (Graves 1905) has him listed as Edwin, as does the Witt Library checklist and ULAN, yet Edward is more likely: an obituary written by close friend Robert Blatchford gives the artist's name as Edward Bent Walker.

Group Leader Barbara Bryant recommended the discussion be closed, and noted that in '1899, Walker was at Bushey in Hertfordshire, still associated with Herkomer's school.' Edward Bent Walker (1860–1917) was listed as the artist of the portrait, and the execution date of this work amended slightly from 'c.1899' to '1899 or before'.

Jade King, PCF



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