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ATKINS - GENEALOGY NOTES - St Catherines House Records

Entries Person Names
Vol, & Page
L Priscilla BORTON - Burton 6b 348
(could this be Priscilla Elizabeth Borton?)
Amos ATKINS - Hinckley 7a 57 (could this be Amos Atkins?)

Census Records
1841 - 9th June WARWICK 40 Brook Street
Edward HEWITT coachman, Head, (1851 census no trace)
Jane HEWITT wife
(marriages checked ST Mary's Wk re above two bet'n 1818-1834 - neg)
William WOODFIELD 20 yrs Labourer
Ha ? 25 Female
Mary 10 yrs
Ellen 8 yrs
Fergus 6 months
(could this be William 226 living with his sister Hannah
Clifton Ct
Wm. WOODFIELD 25 yrs Cordwainer
Sarah 60 yrs
  (could this be William living with mother or an Edward)
Wm. WOODFIELD 30 yrs Labourer
Ann 25 yrs
Eliza  11 yrs
Sarah 8 yrs
Hannah 2 months
Henry WOODFIELD 25 yrs Salt Dealer
Eliza 24
Ann 4
Thomas 3 yrs
Charlotte 6 months
Edward 35 yrs Labourer
Sarah 25 yrs Labourer
Mary 6 yrs
Hannah 10 months
William 4 yrs
Brook Street
Wm. HEWITT 40 Coachman (Wm. short for Edward?)
Jane 40 Not Warwickshire
Elizabeth 15
1841 - Wellesbourne Wellesbourne Hastings
  John SPICER 47 yrs All born in Warwickshire
Elizabeth 47 yrs
John 13 yrs
Hannah 23 yrs
George 9 yrs
Ann 6 yrs
Jamey 4 yrs
1841 - Kenilworth Crackley
Elizabeth HEWITT 9 yrs
John HEWITT 46 yrs Labourer
Elizabeth Cooper 20 yrs Servant
John ( Ham/ern) 15 yrs male servant
1851 - Warwick Jane HEWITT - widow 60 years, Pauper/ late servant. Oxford, Oxford, Saltisford, Puckerings Almshouses. (no trace of her in 1861 census)  6/297/91 William WOODFIELD, Head 31yrs shoemaker          Warwick Elizabeth           wife 29yrs Kenilworth Thomas              son 5yrs  scholar     Saltisford William              son 1yr Warwick 6/297v/91 William              Lodger widower 33yrs house servant, Warwick Edward              son 6yrs scholar  Warwick
1861 - Warwick 53,Saltisford267/23/63/55
William WOODFIELD, 51 yrs Head,Letter Carrier,
Saltisford Elizabeth 41 yrs wife Kenilworth
Edward 16 yrs, carpenters apprentice, Wk St Marys
Thomas 14 yrs, son Wk St Marys
William 12 yrs, son Wk St Marys
George 9 yrs, son Wk St Marys­
Henry 6 yrs son Wk St Marys­
James 4 yrs son Wk St Marys­
Sarah 2 yrs son Wk St Marys
Mary MAYHO 79 yrs Aunt
1861 - Wellesbourne 1 Bridge Road ­
John TALBOT 25 yrs Bricklayer
Ann 25 yrs
William 4 yrs scholar
Jane 3 yrs scholar
Lillab 1 yr
1881 - Coventry Foleshill
Amos 44 yrs Coal miner
Matilda 43 yrs Trimming weaver
Thomas14 yrs coal miner
Matilda 12 yrs scholar
William 9 yrs scholar
Ellen 6 yrs Daughter
1891 - Coventry Foleshill
Amos54 yrs coal miner
Matilda 53 yrs Silk weaver London ??
William 19 yrs coal miner
Ellen 16 yrs Silk weaver

International Genealogical Index
Vol, & Page
12 Jul 1840 Wellesbourne
TALBOT John   Male  Child to Samuel & Anne
24 Dec 1855 Wellesbourne
24 Jan 1858/9 Wellesbourne
TALBOT Jayne Bapt to John & Anne
25 May 1862 Wellesbourne
TALBOT John Bapt to John & Anne
05 Sept 1869 Wellesbourne
TALBOT Joseph Bapt to John & Anne
27 Sept 1857 B'ham, St. Jude
Amos ATKINS marr. Matilda STEPHENSON

Parish Records
St. Mary's, Warwick 30 Mar 1806
Samuel WOODFIELD Marr. Sarah MAY
banns read 9/2, 16/2, & 23/2 03
Sept 1821
John SPICER, bachelor of Wellesbourne Mountford m. Martha Taylor, spinster
witness' Thomas SPICER & Ann Bosworth
07 Jul 1822
Edward MIDCUFF of Budbrooke m. Maria Mitchell
15 Jul 1844
William WOODFIELD, bachelor of full age of Saltisford  Marr:   Elizabeth HEWITT, spinster of full age of Brook Street
Fathers: Samuel WOODFIELD, Plaisterer and Edward HEWITT, Coachman witness' Thomas HEWITT & Mary WILLS
Parish Records
St. Peter's, Wellesbourne
William Spicer Departed Sept-6-1884 Aged 68
Mary Ann Hewitt Jan xxx1 (Jan 31st) MDCCCLX      (1860) Aged XXX11    (32 years)
24 OCT 1814    John SPICER     Marr.    Eliza MEDCHUFF
25 DEC 1827  John SPICER     Bapt    to    John & Eliza
24 DEC 1855 John TALBOT 21yrs Bricklayer Marr. Ann SPICER 21yrs Servant Both of Wellesbourne
Fathers: Richard TALBOT, labourer & John SPICER, labourer
25 May 1856 William TALBOT Bapt. to John & Ann Bricklayer
24 Jan 1858 Jane TALBOT Bapt. to John & Ann
Parish Records
St. Laurence, Foleshill,
02 April 1888
Thomas ATKINS   21yrs   Foleshill    miner          Amos ATKINS, miner marr.   Francis 'Fanny' HACKETT  20yrs   Foleshill   John HACKETT 
Dec'd 11 Nov 1889
Thomas ATKINS 'widower' 22yrs Bell Green Amos ATKINS marr. Priscilla Elizabeth BORTON 19yrs Bell Green John BORTON Farrier
? ? 1892
Thomas DAVENPORT coal miner Joseph DAVENPORT, coal miner marr. Ellen ATKINS 19yrs Amos ATKINS, miner
Parish Records
St. Paul's, Foleshill, Coventry 24 Apr 1916
John Thomas ATKINS    22 miner,   56 Bell Green    Marr. Ivy Francis WOODFIELD 22         
36 Starley Street Father's:  John Thomas ATKINS  miner  & George WOODFIELD Deceased
witnesses:  George Henry WOODFIELD & Gladys E(ivr)es WOODFIELD, Thomas HEWITT & Mary WILLS